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Running is becoming a popular sport not just in Southwest England, but all over the world. The benefits of engaging in running as a sport or leisure activity are endless. There are, however, not enough resources that explore running, clubs and the competitions that people engage in.

Most of the items that have been written about running are generalised, and it can be hard to navigate through the many articles to find something relevant to you. That is why this website has chosen to be personal and focused. Welcome to the place where you will find customised information about running and clubs in Southwest England.

If you are interested in running in a competition, there are many resources dedicated to that on this site.

Why Running?

If you are wondering why this site decided to focus on running, the simple answer is that it was long overdue. There is a need for a site that gives well researched and exclusive content on running in Southwest England. That is why the focus is on running. No topic is too simple or too complex for the team here to handle.

As long as it is about running, you are assured of finding it broken down here. The team here is not only experienced, but they also have a passion for running and everything related to it.

Getting Involved

On this site, you have the opportunity to get involved by sending your enquiries and experiences. You can become part of the community that is passionate about running by simply subscribing to this page and receiving the relevant updates as soon as they are written.

Feel free to use the contact form on this site to reach out with any detail about running that you want to be covered.