Training Details

Training and Club Runs

We have two main training nights, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We meet at 6:45pm on these nights at the Tennis Centre on Withycombe Village Road and head out the door at 7pm. You can find an upload of the training routes for the month ahead in the 'training' section of this website. Club runs vary in length, but most are between 5 and 8 miles; the pace is adapted on any given night, with a fast group and a steady group often splitting off. Either way, there is plenty of re-grouping and looping back so that no one gets left behind or is in danger of getting lost. In addition, there is a 'ladies only' group that meets each Wednesday, at 6:30pm. This is a much more relaxed affair and usually run at a steadier pace, covering a shorter distance than the Tuesday and Thursday night sessions. Sometimes we meet at other nearby venues, such as Four Firs carpark on Woodbury Common, the Green in Otterton or White Bridge in Budleigh. These 'away runs' are held during the summer months and are off road, sometimes with some challenging hills. Winter runs tend to stay in the vicinity of Exmouth, so you do not need a head-torch but you will need some form of high-vis top once the dark nights set in to enjoy your run safely. Once a month from April to September we hold the (in)famous 'Sandy Bay Time Trial'. This is 3.5 miles of hilly pleasure, from Foxholes carpark, up and over the cliffs to Sandy Bay and back. This is optional but many runners like the timed but informal element to it and use it as a way of measuring their fitness and progress. The dates and meeting points of all the club runs are posted in advance in the 'training' section: check there first before heading to the Tennis Centre, just in case it is an 'away run' night.

Monthly Training Schedule - March 2018
Date Training Leader
Thurs 1st Steady run, group decides route according to weather conditions. Scott
Tue 6th Warm up, then Phear Park loops 5/6 large laps pushing the hills then leaders turn to regroup Hannah
Thurs 8th Steady run with efforts and re-grouping Des and Alison
Tue 13th Negative split run to Lympstone: warm up to Mudbank Lane, cycle path to Lympstone Village and on towards Exton if time; run out steady for 20 minutes and aim to run back slightly faster  
Thursday 15th Steady run: Withycombe Village Road, Pound Lane, Hulham Road, Dinan Way, Douglas Avenue, Salterton Road, Rolle Road or harbour to finish.  
Tue 20th 5k Handicap along seafront - a new initiative! Come and try it. Mike
Thurs 22nd 4 X 1 mile, Lympstone cycle track Rob
Tue 27th Hills on coast path Orcombe Point  
Thu 29th Off-road run, meet at Otterton Green at 6:50 Terry
All sessions are inclusive, run at your preferred speed and regroup with runners at a similar speed. Never leave anyone to run alone!