Many women that run do so with a friend or alone. Many women run for fitness only and are not interested in competitive running. However, all women runners can benefit from running with like-minded women either in improving their fitness or simply for social reasons.

Exmouth Harriers are aware that women runners sometimes believe that running clubs are mainly for men and are only concerned with macho competiveness. Those who know this club will not recognise that image. However, to ensure that women do feel welcomed and supported in their sport, the Harriers have a women only section that meets every Wednesday.

All abilities are welcome and support and encouragement from more experienced women runners will be provided.

For those women who wish to step up their training or have a goal in mind (a 10 kilometre race say or perhaps even a marathon) coaching and training programmes are available.

The Harriers have their usual training nights for both sexes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and once you have gained confidence in your running and in this club you may wish to take part in those training sessions as well. However, the choice is yours.

If you wish to have a chat about what is on offer in more detail, then please contact Lorraine Gilson on 07977 544611.



Joan was determined to complete her first full marathon this year and was not only proud of her achievement in doing this at Brighton, but also completing in such a good time.

"After all the training, I did Brighton marathon in 4:21:18 -I am really pleased as I was expecting at least 4:30."


After months of rigorous training with Alison Milborrow, Lisa set off to Paris to complete her first marathon of 2013. Sadly Alison was injured so could not run, but Lisa had huge success with an amazing time.

"Paris Marathon DONE . . . . 3:47 in great conditions and fab support team Alison Milborrow. A big thank you and well done to fellow runner David Snook for the pre-run pasta and Katie Snook's encouragement."


Lisa first ran the Fulfords 5 last year while, coincidentally, 5 months pregnant with second daughter, Olivia. She returned quickly after the birth and achieved a personal best at this year's Fulfords 5!

"Just ran the Fulford 5 in 42:42...very proud to have beaten my 45+ time whilst pregnant last year. Thanks to all the ladies and Stan for all the encouragement whilst I've been finding my way back and Sarah for helping me with my hill mental block!"

Training Schedule

The Ladies Only night is on Wednesday every week at 6.30pm, starting from the Exmouth Indoor Tennis Centre on Withycombe Village Road.

Training sessions work on a three weekly rotation;

- Week 1; Speed session

- Week 2; Hill session

- Week 3; Distance session

Sessions usually last for about an hour and we aim to be back at the Tennis Centre from between 7.30pm and 7.45pm - running a total of between 3.5 miles and 7 miles - season and session dependent.

While we have regular run routes, all of the ladies that attend also like to contribute suggestions of running routes they might have done - the variety is always really emjoyable for everyone running!