Competitive Running

For the more competitive runner, we can offer a range of opportunities to help you get the most out of your running and to compete with fellow club mates. This year in particular, both our men and women have had some very successful results in local races and have picked up team prizes at most of the events we have sent sufficient numbers to. We also feature regularly in top 3 places in races in both the male and female sections and are particularly successful in our veteran ranks. Some members often get together and arrange to meet up to do a track session at our "rustic" Exmouth cinder track, or a hills session on the Common or on the cliffs. Members compete at a whole range of different events, from track races of 100 meters, to road races of 5k up to marathon - some even take on ultra marathons! Others prefer to stay off-road and do multi-terrain and fell races, and self-navigation type events. Whatever you are interested in, you can be sure to find some like-minded individuals in the club that share your passion!
How to complete your first Exmouth Harriers club championship! In order to participate in the club championship you must be a fully paid-up first claim member of the Exmouth Harriers and you must have run under the Exmouth Harriers name and for this to appear next to your race result. To complete the club championship runners need to complete 6 races from a minimum of 4 different categories between 1st January 2013 and 31st October 2013.

Beginners: If you are new to competitive running and have only just taken up the sport in the last year, then you may enter into the beginners’ championship, where only 3 races from 3 different sections out of a choice of 4 need to be completed. If all 6 required races are completed and the runner then betters one of their previously submitted times later in the year, they may contact the championship secretary (Carly, or, if not available, Dave Eveleigh) and request to have their latest result added in place of the older one. All races must be of the required distance exactly, or they may be over the distance. In either case, proof needs to be in place – preferably this should be in the form of a certificate of course accuracy, but, in the case of trail races, a link to a GPS upload of the course and of your race performance on it will be accepted.

Off-road races can be used where relevant for all distances, however, they must meet the distance or exceed it. E.g. The ‘Templar 10’ cannot be used for a 10 mile race as it only measures in at 9.5 miles, same for the Drogo. But the ‘Oh My Obelisk’ race could, as it comes in over the distance. The championship is a game of strategy as well as just running as hard as you can! It is up to you to work out your strategy and where your strengths lie and play to them. Obviously 4 sections need to be completed, but if you know you are stronger on the shorter / longer distances, then you can plan your races around this strength. Awards and Prizes The individual finish times of each performance are inputted into the Runners World age-graded calculator, along with the athlete’s age on the day of the run: In the rare case of distances not covered by this calculator (e.g. 3k, 7m, 20m), the following calculator is used: All performances over the same distance will, rest assured, be calculated using the same calculator for parity.

It is the responsibility of each athlete to submit performances (and their age!) to the championship secretary (Carly) who will calculate the percentages. These calculations will then be double-checked by Dave Eveleigh before the updated spreadsheet is circulated. Details of prizes will be finalised with the committee later in the year once we have an indication of how many people are likely to complete it. However, everyone will get a small momento if they manage to complete all the necessary sections in recognition of the effort and commitment that this involves. It is also likely that there will be awards for the highest age-graded performance in each section (only 1 section win per athlete; if the same athlete comes out on top in more than 1 section then the prize for the other sections will go to the second highest placed athlete) and that there will prizes for the overall championship (likely gold, silver and bronze for men, women and beginners).

The championship spreadsheet will be available to download on this page and will be emailed out to members at the end of each month so that people can keep track of their (and the competition’s!) progress. This year is very much a trial run, so we hope that you will embrace it and offer feedback so that we can improve upon it for 2014! It should make the annual awards dinner and presentation evening even more exciting and hopefully be a talking point on club nights throughout the year! Who will be the 2013 men’s, women’s and beginners’ club champions? Who knows?! But you’ve got to be in it to win it, so get racing and get emailing me with your results! GOOD LUCK!